A Mutual Admiration of Legacy

Dr. Brett Katzen & Dr. Anthony Kameen share a mutual legacy. Early in their careers, they both received professional inspiration from Dr. Jack Katzen, an eye surgery pioneer, and founder of Katzen Eye Group. See the history. Feel the quality of patient care. Be a part of the legacy.

Top 3 Reasons to Consider Modern LASIK Surgery

Are you sick and tired of your eyeglasses and contacts? Do your glasses steam up when you are jogging? Do you get tension headaches because of reading? LASIK eye surgery is the perfect permanent solution to your eye problems. Imagine enjoying your favorite activities like swimming, scuba diving, and sailing without hassling with your eyeglasses or contacts. LASIK is simple… Read More

A Note to Patients with an Astigmatism

Dr Brett Katzen

“Can I still experience the life-changing benefits of corrective eye surgery if I have an astigmatism?”  YES! The simple truth is that having an astigmatism does not disqualify you as a candidate for any of our vision correction procedures (LASIK, KAMRA® Inlay, PRK, Premium Lens Replacement, and Cataract surgery.) During your consultation, we look at… Read More

Modern LASIK

A lot has changed in eye surgery over the years we’ve been in practice. LASIK itself has changed in leaps and bounds since the 90s. Advances such as radar tracking of the eye, femtosecond technology to create the corneal flap, the registry of data to track postoperative outcomes (Surgivision Datalink Alcon Edition) all exist today and… Read More

An Athlete’s Life Without Glasses

What should have been a routine 45-minute gallbladder surgery took four hours. That was the effect of being 100 pounds overweight, poor diet, poor exercise, and stress. On December 14, 2011, when Greg woke up from surgery, he saw his wife crying next to his bedside. When he found out what had happened during surgery… Read More

4 Questions to Ask During Your LASIK Consultation

Preparing for your LASIK consultation ahead of time will guarantee you get more out of it. I recommend asking your surgeon the following questions to get the most out of your consultation. Is LASIK permanent? The answer is yes. The laser permanently reshapes your cornea, and it should remain in that shape the remainder of your healthy… Read More

What is PRK?

What is PRK?

What is PRK? PRK (Photorefractive Keratectomy) is an extremely effective procedure that is an alternative to LASIK. PRK offers the same vision correction as LASIK, but differs in its approach to preparing the surface of the cornea. While LASIK employs a laser in creating the corneal flap, PRK gently removes the epithelium (the skin covering… Read More

A Golfer’s Life Without Glasses

It’s early in the morning, and Don and his father are the first people (once again) to arrive at the golf course. The air is quiet, and the two tee up for their morning game. “Those are my favorite memories playing golf, any time I played with my father. He was an all-around athlete –… Read More

Vision Health an Essential Element of Longevity

Vision Health an Essential Element of Longevity

“How well I see can affect my longevity?” Yes. Here’s why. When we are younger, clear vision is necessary to perform at our highest level, both at work and in our hobbies. There’s a level of vitality that we only experience when we can see well. Then, we age. Our vision naturally deteriorates. And this… Read More

A Motorcyclist’s Life Without Glasses

A Motorcyclist’s Life Without Glasses

Preston Tooks has been riding motorcycles for over 30 years. His passion is fueled by the constant play between thrill and peacefulness he feels as he sails around curves and down stretches of the rural roads he loves so much. As a lifelong rider, he knows the importance of safety to any ride. A Commitment to Safety… Read More

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