On Monday, August 21st, millions of Americans will gather on doorsteps and rooftops to watch the first total solar eclipse to occur since 1979.

A total solar eclipse occurs when the moon’s orbit passes between the sun and the earth. When this happens, the moon is completely blocking the sun, thus casting a dark shadow over the earth. Definitely a sight to see!

…But are your eyes prepared?

As exciting as this year’s eclipse will be, keep in mind that it’s never safe to stare directly at the sun without proper eye protection due to the lasting and damaging effects solar radiation can have on your vision.

So, before you witness this incredible event, check out these quick tips for safe viewing:

1. Protection is key.

We know that you want to view this year’s eclipse. We also know that you want to maintain a lifetime of healthy vision. Achieve both by wearing the proper eye protection.

NASA recommends that those hoping to view the eclipse buy special-purpose solar filters or viewers, designed to block radiation. Click here for more information on where to purchase these items.

2. Be mindful of the devices you’re using.

Contrary to common belief, looking at the sun through a camera, telescope, or any other optical device that isn’t equipped with proper filters is just as dangerous as staring at the sun with your naked eye.

So, if you’re looking to capture this moment on film or otherwise, make sure your devices are also teed up with the appropriate solar filters.

3. Visit your Katzen eye doctor.

Following the event, if you experience any discomfort or vision problems, come in for a visit! Our doctors at Katzen are trained and dedicated to providing you with the best eye care around.