Everyone is born with natural lenses on their eyes. These lenses, much like the lens of a camera, help the eye see and focus on objects.

As we get older, these lenses can get clouded, “foggy”, and less effective in helping us see clearly [This normally happens as the result of cataract development but can also occur from natural causes (genetics) or trauma to the eye].

In the same way that you would replace a camera lens that was blurry, when your natural lens becomes cloudy, it needs to be replaced.

With Katzen Eye Group, you have the option as to what type of lens you want to have placed in your eye as a replacement: standard or premium. While both types are solutions to cloudy vision, premium lenses are longer-lasting and, thus, an investment you count on.

Trust us.

Standard IOLs improve vision clarity but eventually require the additional purchase of reading glasses or contact lenses down the line.

Premium IOLs, however, not only to replace the eyes lens and return stunning clarity to vision but also have advanced technology that specifically corrects astigmatism and near- and farsightedness, specifically. Learn more about your options here!