Summer is officially coming to a close which means the days spent at the beach are now being replaced with school books and back-to-school shopping for children everywhere.

And exciting time, no doubt! But as you get into the swing of your child’s new schedules/routines, it’s also important to ensure that their vision is properly equipping them for success this school year (and the ones to come).

Vision is more than just “what you see”. It’s also about how you comprehend the things you see as well as how easy/difficult it is for you to do so.

The AOA breaks down the main components of healthy vision like this:

  • Recognition – The ability to tell the difference between letters
  • Comprehension – To “picture” in our mind what is happening in a story we are reading
  • Retention – To be able to remember and recall details of what we read

When these vision skills are lacking, your child may struggle and suffer effects such as fatigue or eyestrain. So before your child(ren) dives back into their coursework, let our doctors here at Katzen make sure that their vision capabilities not only reach par, but also exceed average standards.

Bring them in for a visit to the Katzen offices. We’ll make sure their eyesight is good to go and able to help them navigate the school year with ease. Schedule a visit today or click here to learn more about the various services offered at Katzen.