Preston Tooks has been riding motorcycles for over 30 years. His passion is fueled by the constant play between thrill and peacefulness he feels as he sails around curves and down stretches of the rural roads he loves so much. As a lifelong rider, he knows the importance of safety to any ride.

A Commitment to Safety

Preston’s commitment to safety extends far beyond just wearing the right helmet. He’s the founder of Shiftn Steel Sport Riderz, a motorcycle organization dedicated to safe rides and sharing the passion for the sport with others who love to ride.

We do a lot of organized rides centered around safety. We’ve got people on all kinds of bikes, from Harley Davidsons to Gold Wings, not just sport bikes, because every rider is a rider. We do it because we like to get people out there and get them back home safe.– Preston Tooks

Shiftn Steel rides typically consist of over twenty riders, and start early in the morning. After gassing up and indulging in a good breakfast, the riders take to the roads. There’s always someone leading and someone at the back to help the group with traffic. Preston says that, in addition to safety, the main goal of the organization is to have fun connecting with fellow riders. “For people who love to ride motorcycles, there’s this great passion of being together with people who love what you love.”

One fateful day during a solo ride, Preston’s glasses fogged up in the middle of a turn, right as he was taking an exit ramp off the highway. He slowed down and pulled over, and a car too close behind him honked its horn as he maneuvered to narrowly avoid a collision. No one was hurt, but that near accident was the wakeup call that led Preston to decide to get laser vision correction.

The LASIK Difference on the Road

Now, Preston never has to worry about a foggy lens slowing him down or putting him in an unsafe situation. He can ride, solo or with a group, knowing that his vision is reliably clear.

People tend to associate laser surgery with luxury. For some, that is true. But for just as many, LASIK enhances experiences and even safety. Preston is one of my many patients who have seen the practical benefits of LASIK in daily living.– Dr. Anthony J. Kameen

Besides the safety and health benefits of his vision correction, Preston has found that it’s made his rides even more enjoyable. That peaceful feeling he chases after a long work week is amplified by the clarity with which he now sees his surroundings. As he rides past farm lands and through the woods, every vista sings with renewed clarity. Autumn leaves fall, shimmering as they catch the morning sun through the trees, and Preston can see every one as he courses by.