Microneedling Strong skin is the key to younger-looking skin. This procedure is quick,
safe, and guaranteed to stimulate healthy skin growth.

What Is Microneedling?

Collagen induction therapy, commonly known as “microneedling”, is a minimally-invasive treatment that strengthens and rejuvenates the skin. Doctors use a dermaroller, a device with fine needles, to carefully puncture the topmost layer of the skin. This triggers the body to create new collagen and elastin.

What Are The Benefits Of Microneedling?

This procedure restores the skin by stimulating the creation, and thereby the strengthening of, new collagen and elastin, two of the main proteins contributing to skin elasticity and thickness. Loss of collagen and elastin overtime cause skin to become thinner and skin to sag. Microneedling:
  • Prevents wrinkles and lines,
  • Improves scarring or stretch marks on skin,
  • Reduces likelihood of skin tearing and dryness, and
  • Lessens visible effects of aging.