Skin Texture & Tone This lift procedure is a wonderful solution for fine lines,
sagging skin, and improving overall texture

What Is ClearLift Skin Resurfacing?

Skin resurfacing is the process of restoring your skin to the desired soft and flawless texture and tone. Katzen now offers ClearLift technology, the newest technology revolutionizing skin correction and growth. With ClearLift, we’re able to offer our patients a quick, safe, and effective solution to facial blemishes and sagging skin. These treatments are virtually painless with no downtime or need for pretreatment anesthetic.

How Does ClearLift Work?

Aestheticians place a laser gently against the skin’s surface in various areas. The laser works its magic, penetrating cells in the deeper layers of the skin and stimulating the growth of collagen. Overtime, these skin cells tighten, showing smooth and taut texture to the skin, all the while leaving the patient without any discomfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does an initial consultation take?
About 2 hours, including the diagnostic procedures.
How do I prepare for my laser treatment?
  • Stop tanning six weeks prior to treatment and plan to limit sun exposure at least two weeks post-treatment
  • Discontinue all Retin-A, retinols, glycolics, or salicylic acid topicals (such as Pro-Active) a week prior to any laser treatments on the face or neck
  • If you’re taking any antibiotics, complete Rx before your laser treatment as some can make you more sensitive to the sun
  • If you have had a history of herpes (HSV) prophylactic antiviral therapy may be started the day before treatment and continued one week after laser treatment