Welcome to the new Katzen website!

We are really excited about the launch of the new website and wanted to highlight a few features that we are excited about at our offices!

Today we’re going to highlight our new doctor pages and how to find the best doctor for you.

When it comes to choosing your doctor, we want to give you all the tools to make the best choices for you and your family. With our elite team of 24 doctors, we bring a lot of experience to the table, but we also know that can make it overwhelming to choose which doctor is right for you.

In our doctor pages, each doctor’s background, history, and credentials are written so you can feel confident coming into our offices. On the side of the page, you can see all of their specialties and which locations they serve.

The Process
We have made it easy for you to find a doctor based on your needs if you have dry eyes check out our Dry Eye Syndrome page. On that service page, you can see the doctors that specialize in the procedure.

Learn more about our doctors here.