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What Are Cataracts?

A cataract develops when the clear lens of your eye gradually becomes cloudy, which can make your vision blurry and produce an increase in glare. As cataracts progress overtime, your vision will become more and more affected and they will gradually begin to impact your life.

What Are the Most Common Cataract Symptoms?

Symptoms vary from person to person. However, common symptoms include blurred vision, light sensitivity, poor night vision, double vision in the affected eye, difficulty in seeing distances and numerous changes in eyeglass prescriptions to accommodate changes in vision.

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About Us

The eye care professionals at Katzen believe that with greatness, comes change. That said, we continue to work, to innovate, to constantly be advancing forward. For you. Because the quality of your eye care is too important for us to remain stagnant in our approaches. The doctors at Katzen Eye Group are pioneers, employing the latest technology and effective procedures to best serve our patients. For five decades, Katzen Eye Group has been the region’s leader in ophthalmologic breakthroughs and continues to further that legacy each and every day to help you achieve a life without limitations.

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Advanced Technology Lenses

Monofocal Lens

The monofocal lens is the basic lens used to replace our cloudy lens. This lens will provide improvement to visual symptoms caused by the cataract and will likely improve distance vision. However, it will still be necessary to wear corrective lenses for intermediate and near vision and depending on your prescription before surgery, prescription bifocals may still be required 100% of the time.

Astigmatism-Correcting Lens

Patients with astigmatism having cataract surgery may choose a toric lens. A toric lens will eliminate cataracts as well as astigmatism. The toric astigmatism correcting lens will allow a patient to achieve visual freedom at distance without glasses. You will still need corrective lenses, often non-prescription, for up close vision.

EDOF – Extended Depth of Focus Lens

The extended depth of focus lenses can provide a full range of vision by stretching, but not splitting light. This allows patients to receive sharp distance and intermediate vision while also providing functional reading vision. This advanced lens may be a better choice for patients who are wanting to achieve spectacle independence but may not qualify for a trifocal or multifocal lens.

Trifocal Lens / Multifocal Lens

Multifocal and Trifocal lenses are advanced technology lenses created with the goal of providing the least dependency on glasses after surgery. A multifocal lens splits light into two focal points to improve distance and near. A trifocal lens can split light into three focal points, distance, intermediate, and near. Your doctor will determine which type of lens will work best for you based on your lifestyle and your postoperative visual desires.


“My husband recently had cataract surgery. We were very pleased with each and every part of the operation and the follow-up visit. During this time they were very safe and helpful with each and every part. Each time they were so pleasant we would recommend them always”

- Crystal

“So far I've only had cataract surgery on my right eye but from the moment I walked into the Katzen Eye Group facility, everyone I encountered was amazing. All of the staff seemed to have been hand picked for their awesome personalities and specialties.”

- Darla

“From start to finish the experience was top notch.  Everyone I encountered had my best interest at hand. From diagnosis to procedures.
I had cataracts removed and several follow up visits to make sure the work was complete.  I would highly recommend Katzen.”

- Gary

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