Anthony J. Kameen M.D.

“I have known the Katzen Eye Group for over 25 years, first with Jack Katzen and now Brett Katzen. I wanted to join a larger organization that provides high quality eye care services across the board, so I could concentrate on my interests of making people spectacle independent. Performing LASIK or premium laser cataract surgery is my passion. Katzen Eye Group is the place to provide that the best.”

More recently, Dr. Kameen was the first surgeon in the Mid-Atlantic region to provide the newly-approved KAMRA inlay procedure to correct near vision loss.

Dr. Kameen’s vast clinical experience and impressive results have earned him an international reputation for excellence, drawing patients from around the world. He has been voted “Top Doctor” in the field of Ophthalmology/Laser Vision Correction in both the Baltimore and Washingtonian magazine and he has received the “Top Doctor” award from both the VISX Corporation and the LVCI Corporation as one of their most accomplished surgeons. Dr. Kameen has also been awarded LVCI’s “Top Five” award given to the top five surgeons in the country.

Dr. Kameen is considered one of the most respected eye surgeons in the country. He has performed over 10,000 PRK procedures, 60,000 LASIK procedures, 2,000 astigmatic Keratotomy procedures and 10,000 Cataract with lens implant procedures. Dr. Kameen has also appeared as an expert witness in numerous circumstances. Dr. Kameen has performed laser vision correction on many physicians as well as members of his own family, most recently performing LASIK on his 22 year old son. Dr. Kameen had laser vision correction to correct his own nearsightedness and astigmatism in 1994.

Dr. Kameen has been listed as a Top LASIK Surgeon by Madison Media in its monthly airline in-flight magazines. Dr. Kameen has also been listed as a Trusted LASIK Surgeon in Maryland.