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I had Lasik surgery to correct my nearsighted vision.  I have worn contact lenses and struggled with dry eye and irritation for almost 25 years.  I was seen for two exams prior to my surgery date by Dr. Leikin and introduced to Dr. Lapinsky, who performed the procedure.  Sarah coordinated my surgery, she thoroughly explained how the procedure works and what to expect pre and post treatment in detail.  Dr. Lapinsky was great at communicating step by step what he was doing throughout the procedure, before I had a chance to get nervous we were finished! 

Katzen Eye Group provided me protective goggles that I had to wear while sleeping to prevent me from rubbing my eyes, as well as protective sunglasses that I was to wear for a few days.  I was advised to go home and nap so my eyes could begin to heal, they were sore and light sensitive (exactly as the technician described).  Dr. Lapinsky actually called that evening to check on me, I missed the call because I was sleeping, I thought that was extremely thoughtful.  The next morning I was seeing 20/20 at my post op.  My surgery was just over a week ago and my eyes feel amazing, I could not be happier with my experience at Katzen Eye Group.  My only regret is waiting as long as I did!

Stephanie L.

About 3 weeks ago I had the procedure for the KAMRA INLAY performed by Dr. Brett Katzen. I am ecstatic to report I no longer need my reading glasses!! Many years ago I had LASIK surgery and I've remained 20/20 in the distance ever since. A few years ago I realized I now had trouble seeing up close. A problem we all face in our early to mid 40's. I was able to wear a contact lens in one eye that enabled me to read up close a little better but I was hoping technology would someday find a better solution for me. That time was finally here and I jumped at the opportunity!! With the incredibly skilled surgical abilities of Dr Brett Katzen I am now able to see 20/20 in the distance AND 20/20 up close!! How awesome it is to be free of my reading glasses or my contacts! So many thanks go out to Dr Katzen for the miracle he performed, to Tiffiny for her technical results which without I would not have had surgery. Thanks to Sarah for her guidance through the entire process, to Melissa for keeping my Fiance calm while I was having the procedure and the entire OR staff for their professionalism and communication with me in the OR. You all are commended for the work you have done. Thank you for the gift of my sight! I recommend the KAMRA INLAY for anyone who wants to be free of their reading glasses. Give Katzen Eye Group a call to see if you are a candidate for the procedure. Good luck!!

I found Dr. McQuaid while researching physicians in the area to perform my eyelid lift procedure. I initially talked with her staff on the phone and then met Dr. McQuaid in person. After meeting her, I knew she was the right person to perform my procedure. Dr. McQuaid considered my previous surgical history and did not over promise the potential outcome and I definitely respected that.

Dr. McQuaid was very personable and always asked what other questions I may have, making sure that I knew everything that I needed and wanted to know before leaving her office.On the day of my surgery, there were at least a half dozen medical professionals assigned to my care. The medical staff had a way of making me feel like they were there for me only and that I was the most important patient. I of course hope that no one has the level of difficulties with their eyes as I have had, but if a blepharoplasty ( eyelid lift) is what is needed, I would definitely recommend Dr. McQuaid. I absolutely love my outcome and it is certainly a confidence booster.
Lisa B.

My family and I have been patients of Dr. Lapinsky for over 20 years and how blessed we are to be in such good hands. He has performed cataract and laser surgery on both my husband and I with the results turning out truly amazing. He is an absolute expert in his field and an extremely gifted surgeon.

We are firm believers that when you have the best performing your surgery then you receive the best in your results. In our mind there is no one better and as long time patients of Katzen Eye Group we couldn’t be more grateful.
D. Blimline

I had LASIK performed by the Katzen Eye Group in December of this past year. An early Christmas present for myself. Dr. Katzen performed the surgery. I was so amazed, the entire procedure took less than 10 minutes, and was completely painless. I worked primarily with Dr. Leikin for my subsequent follow ups, and he is extremely informative about what you can expect and how to best protect your eyes post surgery. No more than five minutes after my surgery, my vision was 20/25, and after 1 month, my vision was corrected to a perfect 20/20. Since I have gotten the surgery, it is amazing what I have been missing. As an avid outdoorsman, every time I head out is like a new experience. I do have one regret though....that I didn't get this done sooner!

As a second year medical student and a future physician, I'm being taught strategies for bedside manner and the importance of a good relationship between the clinician and patient. But being a patient and observing Dr. Lapinsky was one of the best educational opportunities I'll ever have. While I go through my training, I'll see behaviors I want to avoid, and behaviors I'll want to emulate. Everything about my experience here falls under the "to emulate" category. The professionalism and kindness of everybody I met, and the competency of Dr. Lapinsky in the O.R. together with the clarity and conciseness of his in-time explanations throughout the procedure compel me to strongly recommend this group even to people that would have to travel farther or pay more. Thank you for an excellent experience from which I have gained greatly.

My family has followed the Pediatric Team (Dr. Lisa Abrahms) for 8 years - moving from other Eye Groups to Katzen. Dr. Abrahms thoroughness, knowledge of the specialty of Pediatrics and calm manner are just a few reasons why we follow her and her team! My son first became a patient of Dr. Abrahms at age 3. After extensive appointments, she introduced me and my son to additional specialists who became part of our team to complete advanced testing to rule out a diagnosis which was very intimidating and had a debilitating prognosis. During this period of waiting for test results and gathering information, the feeling of complete helplessness was soothed by the unparalleled support given by Dr. Abrahms and her staff. Thankfully, the team was able to confirm my sons diagnoses and rule out retinoschisis and confirm the new diagnosis. We will continue to follow Dr. Abrahms and her team.

Also, a kudos to the front desk staff and billing. Customer Serivce is a top priority and a smile is always freely given. Any question is answered or looked into and follow up is also very quick and professional.

I most certainly have shared Katzen Eye Group with friends in my community and with my Facebook friends! A another kudos to Katzen when a friend on FB questioned for a Pediatric Opthomologist and there were already 4 posts that suggested Katzen...I added the 5th!Super job, Katzen! My family appreciates the effort you put in to provide the best care for my son! I will always be grateful.
Krissa P.

I have worn glasses since the age of five and I NEEDED THEM. I was initially drawn to KEG when I saw their groupon promotion and immediately set up a consultation. After doing a ton of research and watching the lasik video on the website, I felt confident about the surgery. The entire staff was very warm and answered all of my questions. At times their excitement over my procedure exceeded my own as soon as they saw how high my prescription was on my chart. On the day of my surgery, I was wearing my glasses and got into a minor accident on the way to my appointment. This just served as further confirmation that Lasik would help my life in a major way. I made it to my appointment and was prepped for the procedure. Dr. Katzen talked me through the whole process so that I would be calm and aware. It was painless and quick!!!! So much so, after I was released I was telling patients, who were waiting to get lasik done that morning, that they had nothing to fear. I am writing this 24 hours post-op without glasses! It was amazing to wake up and not have to fumble around for my glasses or put in my contact lenses. If you can get it, I highly recommend Lasik with Katzen Eye Group.
Candacé J.

I was kinda of leery about buying Lasik Surgery on line. I had never heard of them and the only reviews I could find were on their website. After purchasing it I did find that I had friends who had used them and were very happy with them. Everything the other reviews said was correct.. They are professional, courteous, friendly. They put you right at ease and made the experience very pleasant. There was really no pain. I would highly recommend Katzen Eye Group to anyone. May have found my permanent eye doctor even if they are almost 1 hour away.
Vicki H.

LASIK has changed my life! It is so amazing to wake up and see! I have never been able to lie in bed and just fall asleep watching TV but now I can. It has been the best experience for me and I am so glad I made the choice to have it done." It’s been over a year since I’ve had my Lasik surgery and I have to say it’s the best thing I could have ever done for myself. I’m now a police officer in Maryland and I can attribute that in large part to Dr. Katzen and my Lasik surgery. Prior to having my surgery my eyes were 20/200 in both eyes, which is pretty well blind in my opinion. I was unable to pass a lot of the medical and physical tests to become a police officer due to my poor vision. Many of the departments I applied to require you have at least 20/100 uncorrected without glasses or contacts. I saw the only thing I have ever wanted to do in life slipping away because of my vision. LUCKILY I found the Katzen eye group and Dr. Katzen saved the day. 10 minutes after the procedure I was 20/60 and then two days later I was 20/20 and crystal clear. You never realize what you aren’t seeing until your seeing it. Now when I wake up in the middle of the night I don’t have to worry about my glasses or not being able to see the clock. The Katzen eye group, Dr. Katzen and the entire staff was awesome and that’s a fact! LASIK has changed my life!
Chris R.

Over the past couple of years I have wondered about having Lasik surgery to correct my vision. I was always so nervous to move forward until I spoke with the staff at Katzen Eye Group. After a few of my general questions were answered I then scheduled my FREE consultation to find out if I was a candidate or not. Turns out I was! The staff was AMAZING! They sat down and took so much time to discuss everything with me from beginning to end. They did not put any pressure on me to book for surgery that day. After my consultation I thought about it for a couple of days and then decided to move forward. I contacted my surgery coordinator and she got me set up with my surgery and post op appointments; all post op’s for the next year are covered with the cost of my surgery. They then walked me through the directions of how to take my drops and what I would need to do leading up to the procedure. The day of my surgery I was so nervous. My mind was put at ease after talking again with Dr. Leikin and Dr. Lapinsky. The staff in the operating room were so supportive of me and made me feel like they really cared about how I was doing. I didn’t even feel a thing! The whole time the procedure was being done Dr. Lapinsky talked to me and was letting me know what to expect. Before I knew it I was done! I was only in the operating room for ten minuets and sitting up looking around with my new eyes. Already I could notice a difference with objects being clearer without my glasses or contacts. The Doctors and staff then talked me through all my discharge instructions and sent me on my way home for a very nice nap.

The next day was the best feeling ever when I woke up I was able to see! I had a one day exam on Saturday morning which I was able to drive myself in with no problems. At my appointment the Katzen staff checked my vision… 20/20 in both eyes!!! I could not believe it. Amazing!! Everyone in the office has been so accommodating and professional. I could not have had a better experience My only regret is not doing this sooner.
Angela A.

I visited Katzen Eye Group in June 2013 after my optometrist found tearing on my cornea due to wearing contact lenses for too long. Dr. Katzen and his son saw me and were very friendly. He had a great sense of humor and went beyond the normal simple questions of most doctors. I had noted to him I was tired of wearing contacts and that my glasses were equally as frustrating, and asked whether I'd be a good candidate for Lasik. He set me up with an evaluation with their Lasik department that same week. He and the scheduler at the desk also noted that I would be dilated for the procedure, so to be sure to arrange for alternate transportation if I couldn't drive. I knew they had done this before.

I got on the Internet on the Katzen Eye Group site and noticed a promotion where if I mentioned I had seen the web site, I could receive a discount on my Lasik surgery.

I went for my Lasik evaluation, which was free. Their Lasik department is separate and very nice with complementary beverages and a nice waiting room. The front desk attendance was friendly, and took care to keep Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from being overheard.

The technician who saw me ran me through a series of 3 tests, and then I was seen by Dr. Leiken. Great personality, and great doctor. He noticed that one of the tests came back not at 100% certainty, so he sent me back through to do the test. I was at first a little irritated, but after a pause, realized that I would rather all the tests and the assessment be complete.

Dr. Leiken answered all of the questions I had. I told him that I was a little nervous given that I was trusting them with my well-being and eyesight. I asked him to honestly tell me how many people they had ever treated who had "complications" or had gone "blind" and they let me know none. He gave me an honest history of Lasik, how far it's come, the changes made through the years, what the industry and he and Katzen have learned, and what's on the horizon. He wasn't rushed to go speak to another patient; he didn't cut me off; and he genuinely cared to answer my questions. That attention sold me, *especially* considering it was a free evaluation (and full eye exam).

I then met with Sarah, their Lasik coordinator. I mentioned I had seen the promotion on the web site, and she was able to knock the price down by $750 as a result, to $4750, which included the custom Lasik with Intralase. That seemed like a lot to me, so I let her know I was interested, but at the same time, wanted to do some research. She wasn't pushy nor did she get me to sign that day and tell me the price was only good for a period of time. She gave me e-mail address and phone number and told me if I had any questions, feel free to let her know. I was again really impressed.

I did fairly extensive research over the following week. I found out that Lasik prices can vary, but not greatly. When Lasik was first introduced, it was $5000 per eye, and the recommendation was to do 1 at a time. Prices have come down, and the average industry cost is around $2150 per eye. The custom services (such as Intralase) on average add another $300-400 per eye, which means another $600-800. I called friends, and they agreed, $4750 was what to expect. I asked of Sarah whether there was any flexibility on the price, and she noted that's as low as they could go. But she also made me aware of the fact that that price included: the follow-up appointment the next day, follow-up appointments in the future, and any other future surgeries I may need to correct things should my eyes change or should the initial surgery need any tweaking. That sold me really well - I'm basically not only getting Lasik with Intralase for $350 or so below the industry average, but also getting "future updates and support" for no cost. Sold!

My surgery took place this past Friday (all their Lasik surgeries are done on Fridays) by Dr. Lapinksy and Dr. Leiken. Apparently they make it a point to have both doctors there should something happen. They also get Dr. Katzen to review the initial recommendations.

The waiting room wait (40 mins) was longer than my surgery. I won't go into the details, but one thing to note with Katzen is that they give you a slew of eyedrops. This is a good thing. A friend of mine had Lasik and had bloodshot eyes for 5 days. Two of the eyedrops they give you do apparently cost them more, but they eliminate the redness and bloodshot eyes.

Surgery went great - a little odd, but nothing "A Clockwork Orange." After all, they are shooting lasers into your eyes. Upon leaving, I was given a full briefing, and a care set including all the eyedrops I needed, a set of goggles for night time, and printed instructions. They also took the time to wrap my glasses in protective material, which is a nice touch, but it doesn't look like I'll need them again.

I woke up with 20/15 vision. I had a great experience at Katzen, and am really happy I chose them for such an important life decision.
Jeff S.

I can't thank the caring and awesome staff at Katzen Eye and Dr. Katzen enough. I had LASIK eye surgery yesterday. This morning I woke up for the first time in 40 years and didn't have to grab my glasses. I wish I could find the words to describe how I feel.
Howard C.

I receive regular as well as specialized eye care at Katzen. As a registered nurse, I am vigilant about how I am cared for. The services I have received are excellent and precise. The staff has terrific communication skills. The equipment is the newest and most precise that I have ever seen. The front office staff is efficient and kind as well as good at using highly technical communication tools. On the retail side Katzen offers a very large collection of frames and other eye care items, and they work with you to meet your needs. I am very satisfied and will continue with them enthusiastically.
Cynthia M.

I have been referring my patients to Katzen for years now due to the very accomplished doctors who understand the kind of eyecare every patient needs. When I decided to get LASIK done, I knew to go to none other than Katzen. Being an optometrist, patient education has always been extremely important to me. As expected, Dr. Leikin was very informative and answered all of my questions during the pre and post-op visits. Dr. Lapinsky did my LASIK, and I couldn't have asked for a better doctor. First day post-op, everything was coming into focus. Three days later, everything was sharp as can be! It's been such a great journey getting my LASIK done with Katzen. As a physician, I highly recommend Katzen for your LASIK.
Dr. Shruit P.

I had a great experience at Katzen Eye Group. I had LASIK last week and could not complain about the service or my vision. Everyone was very attentive and they explained every aspect of the surgery to me. Dr. Katzen and Dr. Leikin were wonderful and made me feel totally at ease. I regret waiting to have the LASIK procedure, as I now have better than perfect vision with minimal discomfort after fifteen years of wearing corrective lenses. I never waited more than five minutes over several appointments and always felt very comfortable. I recommend Katzen Eye Group to everyone
Dani J.

A few years ago I had LASIK by Dr. Brett Katzen. Everything went perfectly, from the time I made my appointment through the follow up appointment each and every person I came into contact with was very friendly and professional. Dr. Katzen made me feel completely at ease throughout the whole process. He talks a lot during the surgery. My surgery was potentially more complicated than some because I had an RK procedure 25 years ago. I chose Katzen after doing some research on many of the doctors that specialize in this surgery. He was doing so many of these surgeries I felt like it was unlikely that he hadn't encountered complicated eyes like mine. All I can say is that he under promised and over performed. So when it was time for my daughter to look into having the surgery we went back and saw Dr. Katzen again. This was just last week. Six days after her first appointment, she had her LASIK surgery. I was surprised that he remembered me and details regarding my complicated eyes. He was funny, actually. He didn't promise perfect vision but she tested 20/15 one day after the surgery. He asked me not to tell people that because then they would come in expecting 20/15 vision...oops! All went really well, but she wrote her own review so I won't go into that. When my 18 year old is ready (we are a myopic family) I won't hesitate to visit Dr. Katzen again.
Best Regards
Nanci J

Dear Dr. Katzen,
You performed lasiks on me in September, 2012. I can not tell you how well I can see and how sorry I am I waited so long to do it. I could literally see road signs in the distance on the ride home and was watching T.V. that night. I drove myself to the visit the morning after because I FELT great and I could see GREAT ! Since then, my vision has gotten even better. It is such a pleasure to open my eyes in the morning and see everything...CLEARLY! It was also a pleasure to visit this office and interact with the professionals that work there. I never waited at all, not at the evaluation, not at the pre-op and not on the day of surgery!!! Everyone was cheerful, helpful, informative, patient and accommodating. I managed to put this to the test my first visit when I took off work on the wrong day by accident and asked to be seen that morning instead. This was no problem at all according to the likable and cheerful receptionist! Each professional on this staff was patient and took time with me, making sure I had a full understanding of the process and outcomes so that I could make an informed decision. This experience was 100% positive. Financing is made easy, affordable and worth every penny especially since I am no longer buying glasses, contacts, contact solution... I have been fighting with glasses and contacts for over 30 years. Contacts made my eyes tired and red but I hated wearing glasses. Lasiks is ABSOLUTELY WONDERfUl as was my experience with the Katzen eye group.
Wendy N.

I had to return to Katzen today because my glasses quite literally fell apart at work; without them, I am nearly completely blind and can't do a thing. I tried to use an eyeglass repair kit, but my frames are "specialized", so I had to call Katzen to ask them to fix them. Not only did they tell me to come right in, but I waited less than five minutes before they had a technician service my need. My glasses were fixed almost immediately, and they took time to tighten everything and polish the lenses up. Not only that, but they set me up for an annual exam even though they were packed full in the waiting room.

I will never go anywhere else for my vision care needs. Bravo to the staff at Katzen Eye, both at Mercy and Lutherville! Thanks for taking care of me so quickly today.
Carrie R.

I have been referring my patients to Katzen for years now due to the very accomplished doctors who understand the kind of eyecare every patient needs. When I decided to get LASIK done, I knew to go to none other than Katzen. Being an optometrist, patient education has always been extremely important to me. As expected, Dr. Leikin was very informative and answered all of my questions during the pre and post-op visits. Dr. Lapinsky did my LASIK, and I couldn't have asked for a better doctor. First day post-op, everything was coming into focus. Three days later, everything was sharp as can be! It's been such a great journey getting my LASIK done with Katzen. As a physician, I highly recommend Katzen for your LASIK.

Dear Dr. Katzen,
You performed my laser vision correction in December 1999. At first I was enamored with the whole alarm clock thing. But it took a little bit longer to realize how much more there is to 20/20 eyesight. I forgot my glasses the day I had my third child. I have lost and torn countless contacts while traveling. I have camped with contacts and glasses, tried to swim and be generally athletic with contacts. I have driven with dry itchy contacts late into the night. In general, my eyesight prevented me from enjoying just about everything because of all the "gear" I was constantly towing around. It took me a while to figure out just how much of my everyday life was going to be affected by not being a slave to my eyesight. I could not be happier with my new eyesight. I have no regrets and point everyone interested in your direction. I am grateful to you and your wonderful staff for your level of care and concern. Thanks for everything.

Dear Dr. Lapinsky & the Staff at Katzen Eye Group,
I just wanted to thank you all for the wonderful care you gave my husband. It has been wonderful for him being lens-free! All of the staff were so professional and caring. I especially appreciated Dr. Lapinsky calling him the night of his surgery to check on him. As a nurse myself, I value quality patient care and thank your entire group for providing that.

Dear Dr. Katzen & all of the staff,
I had my LASIK surgery on May 18 and I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did. Although I'm sure it won't surprise you, my vision is 20/20 & it still amazes me. The staff did a wonderful job preparing me for the surgery; there were no surprises and I would recommend it to anyone. Once again, I am very grateful for what you have done for me and I wish all of you the very best.

Dear Dr. Lapinsky,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, the nurses, medical assistants, and entire staff of the Katzen Eye Group. As you recall, you successfully removed my cataracts in April of this year. The operation was successful with absolutely no problems. The new sight has given me confidence I did not have in night driving. For that I wish to give my sincere thanks. I also would like to thank your entire staff. Every visit, every communication, and every procedure was caring and very professionally completed. I was never in any doubt of what would be done and through the professional handling was never in any fear. I cannot state how good every one at Katzen Eye Group made me feel. Congratulations! You have an outstanding staff! You are an excellent Doctor! You and your staff did an outstanding job!
Thank you very much,

Dear Dr. Katzen,
I've always dreamed of being free from glasses and contact lenses. I've worn glasses for 25 years. My dream is now a reality since you performedLASIK surgery on my eyes a few months ago. I was very impressed with you, your staff and the perfect results I got. The pre-op was very thorough as was the post-op. The surgery itself was extremely fast and virtually painless!! I saw clearly the moment I opened my eyes. I have 20/20 vision now and am free to swim, ski, dive, etc. with no worries of my contacts moving around or being lost. This surgery is truly a miracle to me! It has enhanced my life in several ways and I wanted to say Thank You!

Hello Dr. Donna,
Thank you so much for making the surgery a good experience. You have a rare quality of compassion and professionalism that instilled a great deal of confidence in me. It is fair to say that the whole experience was really good.
Kind regards,
Peter Koch

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