• The quality of your life depends on good eyesight and the decision to have laser vision correction is a life-changing event. LASIK is regarded as one of the fastest growing of all medical procedures. LASIK has eliminated the need for contacts and glasses for more than 12 million Americans since the technique was granted FDA approval in the late 1990s. The surgeons at Katzen Eye Group have performed thousands of these procedures and remain at the forefront of laser vision correction. Using Blade-Free all laser LASIK, you will be able to play sports, swim, go to the movies and enjoy social activities without the hassle of glasses or contacts. Find out how Katzen Eye Group's refractive surgeons can help you reach your goals for visual freedom.

    If you are seeking a Baltimore LASIK specialist, the doctors at Katzen Eye Group would like to offer you the best and most advanced solution in LASIK eye surgery. Brought to you by Baltimore LASIK expert, Dr. Brett Katzen, we aim to bring experienced surgical skill with the best technology. Helping you achieve your personal best vision is mission critical at our Baltimore LASIK office.

  • Dr. Katzen is absolutely dedicated to providing the best in patient education so that our patients can make a well-educated decision as to whether or not LASIK would be a good vision correction option. Remember, not everyone is a good candidate for LASIK. This is precisely why you need to have an experienced Baltimore LASIK surgeon evaluate you to make sure LASIK is the right eye surgery procedure for you!

    Because Dr. Katzen is a board certified AAO ophthalmologist he also offers other eye surgery options for vision correction such as premium lens implants and other laser refractive procedures. According to AMO (Abbott Medical Optics) there are almost 290 million people worldwide that would be great candidates for LASIK eye surgery. So if you have been concerned about your potential LASIK candidacy you might be surprised at the outcome. Our pre-operative evaluation process is one of the most thorough eye exams you will have in your life to review your overall eye health.

  • If you are seeking the best eye doctors in Baltimore, please feel free to contact the medical professionals at Katzen Eye Group. This partnership of the most recognized leaders in ophthalmology and optometry are dedicated to providing exceptional patient care.

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