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Is Eye Surgery Safe?

Monday, April 03, 2017

Your eyes and your vision are invaluable.

Eye surgery is safe. Every aspect of it: diagnostic testing, laser manipulation, cornea access techniques, and lens access techniques.

In fact, eye surgery is often safer than typical contact lens use. Every year, 15% of contact lens wearers experience some kind of eye infection. By contrast, only 0.01% of eye surgeries ever experience any type of complication whatsoever. Read more about LASIK vs contact lenses and the risk of infection due to contact lenses on our blog.

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Statistics on the Risk of Infection Caused by Contact Lenses

  • Sight threatening infections from contact lens use occur in 1 in 2,000 contact lens wearers.

  • People who wear daily contact lenses run the risk of 1 in 100 of developing a bacterial keretitis, an infection that can lead to a loss of vision.

  • Patients who abuse contacts by wearing them overnight or improperly caring for their lenses have almost 10 times greater risk of infection and loss of vision.

  • Only one in 10,000 patients risk significant vision loss due to complications from LASIK and other laser vision correction surgeries.

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