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Have you ever wished you had longer or thicker eyelashes? Or darker eyelashes? If so, Latisse® is a product that will make your day. It is a little bottle of fluid that you apply every evening before retiring. Gradually your eyelashes grow longer, more begin to grow, and they look darker.

We are offering Latisse now in our Aesthetics department, where we also offer surgical procedures and injectables to enhance your eyes and facial appearance.

How Latisse Works

A full treatment period is 16 weeks. It takes time to affect how your eyelashes look because hair grows in cycles. The cycle has a growth phase, a transitional phase, and then a dormant phase when no hair grows. Your eyelashes are not in lockstep – some are growing while others are dormant. Therefore you need to use Latisse for these weeks so it can affect all your eyelashes.

Latisse thickens the eyelashes by stimulating some of the follicles to produce more than one lash. It lengthens the lashes by extending the growth phase of the cycle. It is not known exactly how it does these things nor how it darkens the lashes.

Latisse is based on some of the eyedrops used to treat Glaucoma. An example is Xalatan (Latanoprost). Longer eyelashes are a side effect of those eyedrops and their purpose is to lower the pressure inside the eye. The generic name of Latisse is bimatoprost and it does not affect the eye's pressure.

How to Use Latisse

Use the drops once a day at bedtime. They come with a supply of disposable applicators. To apply properly, place one drop from the bottle on a fresh applicator and draw it gently along the upper eyelid as if you are applying an eyeliner. Blot any excess to prevent it running down your cheek – but from one drop there is typically little to no excess.

Do not apply Latisse to the lower eyelid, as it could stimulate hair growth beyond the eyelashes. Throw the applicator away, take another fresh one, and repeat the application to the other eye.

You will see visible results by the eighth week and more dramatic results after eight more weeks.

Possible Side Effects

A few people have an itching sensation in their eyes and some experience redness. More rarely, there can be eye dryness, darkening on the skin, and redness on the eyelids. Sometimes the iris pigment becomes darker, changing your eye color slightly and this will probably be permanent. Sometimes also there can be darkening on the upper eyelid where you apply the Latisse. However, this would probably enhance your eyes like eyeliner.

As long as you apply Latisse correctly according to its directions, you are very unlikely to have any side effects. If you stop using Latisse, your eyelashes will gradually revert to their original length, thickness, and color.

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